Hip Hop Culture Comparison Paper

Hip Hop Culture Comparison For this discussion forum I want you to reflect back on all the aspects of the Hip Hop Culture that we have covered in this Module. Hip Hop Culture Comparison Paper Now watch this clip from Paris is Burning from 1991. https://youtu.be/OWKUuxxUUEs posts what elements of the Ball (Voguing) scene you feel are most important. After that, I want you to state what parallels you see within the Voguing and Hip […]

Multimedia Communication Case Study

Multimedia Communication Case Study Media Case Study #5 – YouTube Channel Multimedia Case Studies During the course of the semester, students will analyze five media entities. You must investigate 1)a YouTube Channel broadcast. For full credit on each case study, students must write a 3-page paper synthesizing his/her findings by including but limiting yourself to these questions: **This assignment should be about a YouTube Channel. Multimedia Communication Case Study Why did you choose this entity […]

Organizational Effectiveness Essay Paper

Organizational Effectiveness Essay Paper This paper is about a business game. There are four companies in total and each company has a producer and a retailer. My paper is in company B’s retailer section. And this essay should be based on what we learned after the business game. Organizational Effectiveness Essay Paper I have a written paper. However, it needs to be rewritten. The paper uses concepts such as Porter’s five forces, business environment, supply […]

Research the DNC and RNC Party Platform Position On Military

Research the DNC and RNC Party Platform Position On Military. Write at least 1 paragraph on each party’s platform position, 1 paragraph on their common ground and 1 paragraph on their difference. Research the DNC and RNC Party Platform Position On Military Years ago, when I first started teaching and was at Syracuse University, one of my students ran for student body president on the tongue-in-cheek platform “Issues are Tissues, without a T.” He has […]

Bias and Assumptions of the Reporters

Bias and Assumptions of the Reporters Find a media report on a current event related to the US government that is biased (preferably one that has a different bias than your own). Describe the article What are the assumptions and biases of the reporters? What is the lens through which you view this topic? Identify and describe an alternative lens through which a person could view this topic. How do your attitudes and beliefs about […]

Switch Energy Project Movie on YouTube

Switch Energy Project Movie on YouTube Switch energy project movie is on YouTube. I need 2-page essays which should give a detailed summary of the movie. Need to cover all sources of energy that is used around the world that is shown in the documentary with examples and as many Geology terms used in the movie to be mentioned in the essay. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj76hJ7XmBM. YouTube is gearing up to offer its prestige lineup of original […]

How does Kuhn reply to Charges of Relativism

How does Kuhn reply to Charges of Relativism QUESTION: How does Kuhn reply to charges of relativism? Is his reply adequate? Why or why not? General Instructions 🙁 PLEASE MAKE SURE MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS BELOW! ! !) Approximately 3 pages double space typewritten (NO MORE THAN 800 WORDS! ! !). Parenthetical references are recommended for primary texts, such as (Kuhn, p. 42). I recommend that you do not use any secondary sources, but if […]

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