Multimedia Communication Case Study

Multimedia Communication Case Study

Multimedia Communication Case Study Media Case Study #5 – YouTube Channel Multimedia Case Studies During the course of the semester, students will analyze five media entities. You must investigate 1)a YouTube Channel broadcast. For full credit on each case study, students must write a 3-page paper synthesizing his/her findings by including but limiting yourself to these questions: **This assignment should be about a YouTube Channel.

Multimedia Communication Case Study

Why did you choose this entity to analyze? What stood out to you about it?

How does this YouTube channel use the 4 different media of text, still imagery, video, and audio on their channel?

Do they use social media besides YouTube to promote themselves? What do they put on that media?

From your observations, what is the anatomy (makeup) of their channel?

What is the difference between this YouTube channel and an actual traditional TV channel?

What are the fundamental differences between videos that are create specifically for web and those that are made for TV? Identify at least 4 differences.

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